backyard patio/deck expansion…..need ideas or suggestions please…not sure what to do?

I just bought a house…it sits on an acre…each house in the neighborhood has an acre…i have neighbors to each side but noone behind me so privacy is not an issue…..the backyard has nothing! It currently has like a 10×10 regular cement patio slab with the roof extending over it like most houses…..well I want to put some money into the yard to make it look nice cause i love cooking out/relaxing outside…..I am going to buy a hot tub and had thought about building a nice deck and dropping the hottub in the deck…well the more I thought about it is that the current cement slab will not blend in well or look good with a deck…so I have thought about building a huge patio with cool looking cement…I am not sure what I need/want to do…I want to be able to grill, have the hot tub in a good looking area, possibly a portable firepit, outdoor furniture..ect…what should I do?? price range is approx 8k….suggestions please!!

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  1. carlos luna says:

    think about painting the existing slab or laying floor tile or even square stepping stones.If you drop the hot tub in the deck you may not have good access to the machanicals if anything were to go wrong or to do any maintenence on it. I would put it on the slab to keep it out of the weather so it will last longer and to shorten the distance to the electrical box (coppers not cheap). Use the deck for grilling out and relaxing around the pit. Just don’t burn the deck down.

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