what can be done about neighbors who keep a junky front yard and has 7-8 dogs in the backyard (smelly)?

When i want to grill out or sit in my backyard the animal smell is overpowering.

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9 Responses to “what can be done about neighbors who keep a junky front yard and has 7-8 dogs in the backyard (smelly)?”

  1. Spikey_Rocker says:

    Complain to the police? If the dogs are badly-kept, you can contact the animal control.

  2. heidielizabeth69 says:

    tell the city… they should be able to do something…. good luck.

  3. Maximus says:

    go to the town council and complain.

  4. Brandi J says:

    If you live in a subdivision that has an HOA (home owners association), report them to the board. They will then send them out a letter to correct the problem, and then if it is not corrected they can recieve a hefty fine.

  5. cswags00 says:

    Check out your local ordnance’s. The police cant do anything it is more of a civil issue. Also are the dogs living conditions poor? Call the SPCA, maybe you can kill two birds with one stone. You can get rid of the dogs and help them to get a better life.

  6. Red F says:

    If you live in a neighborhood then there might be a rule against the junk. If the dogs are living unsuitable conditions you can report them to the health department.

  7. bamabadass30 says:

    if you are unsatisfied why don’t you move instead of making yourself a nervous wreck and being an ass to your neighbor!!

  8. HermanMunster says:

    First off, don’t blame the animals for their owners stupidity. Now,…I’m not recommending that anyone attempt this because it is “ILLEGAL”, i.e. “YOU WILL GO TO JAIL FOR DOING THIS”. But, if something were to “happen” to their electric meter, they would certainly get into some slight trouble with the electric company. Of course, the electric company would replace the damaged meter the first time, and maybe even a second time. But if the meter is continually damaged, the electric company will refuse to provide electricity to them. They would be forced to move.

  9. paulina_dubose says:

    You need to call city hall and get the number to the Code Enforcement division. Every city has a Code Enforcement office, lodge a complaint and they will send an inspector to do an investigation. If there are violations then your neigbors will be cited and asked to make the adjustments necessary to avoid further violations. They keep it confidential and will not tell your neighbors who reported them to avoid any possible retaliations.

    I had to once report a family who was housing another family in their garage. My only concern was that there were small children and infants residing in a cold poorly isolated conditions. It basically forced their parents to seek proper living conditions.

    Believe me, my way is the safest and the legal way to go about things.

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