rib cap off grilling steak – how to bbq?

hello – I bought two big rib (cap off) grilling steaks at store last week, froze them, defrosted and now want to bbq them today…
they had some bone and a lot of heavy fat, which I just cut off.
I checked around on the Internet and found photos of this cut of meat etc., but not how to bbq the steaks.
I am wondering if I should put them in a marinade, or just bbq them as is?
Thanks for your help…. much appreciated

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  1. adam h says:

    Just eat the steak and be done with it.

  2. Mikey M says:

    It is good that you trimmed the fat as it can flare while grilling and create a black sooty smoke that makes your meat taste like creosote. A well marbled rib -eye is great on its own { I prefer NY sirloin hands down} But a little olive oil, a good amount of sea salt and some fresh rosemary will add alot. Consider grilling some sweet onions marinated in balsamic vinegar, brown sugar and olive oil with the rib eye and some grilled asparagus. Start the meat on a hot place on the grill then move it to a cooler spot after the sear medium to rare on the rare side is best imo

  3. effminorseven says:

    The simplest method is the most effective. Season BOTH sides of the steaks w/sea or koshar salt and cracked black pepper.(no need to marinate them unless your going for another flavor altogether)

    On a white hot grill put the steaks on.depending on thickness,5-7 minutes on the first side should do it.Flip steaks over,and continue to cook an additional 3-4 minutes.
    (medium internal temp is approx.130-34 degrees.)

    Set the steaks on a platter and allow them to ‘rest’ for 10 minutes.This will allow the juices to remain inside.

    P.S. If your looking for the cool ‘crisscross’ grill marks on the steaks…When your facing your grill,think of the surface grates as a ‘face clock’.Lay the steaks on grill at 2 O’CLOCK’ for the first 3 min. Then turn steak a quarter turn to the 10′O’CLOCK position. for another 2-3 min. After that flip to other side.The steaks will have the restaurant style criss-cross grill ‘mark’ on the face of them.High end…from your own kitchen.

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