Best Hamburgers On The Barbecue Grill Recipe How do you grill the perfect burger on the BBQ? Watch the Grillmasters at prepare some Beef Chuck Burgers so juicy and full of flavor that it will no doubt become one of your favorite quick and easy BBQ recipes. It’s quick and easy. All you need is 3-4lbs fresh Ground Chuck Beef, tomatoes, sweet onions, sliced cheese if it’s a cheeseburger you want, and any of your favorite condiments. And of course, watch this short video and fire up that barbecue grill.

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25 Responses to “Best Hamburgers On The Barbecue Grill Recipe”

  1. TheKingPasha says:

    i love this type of english

  2. puic989 says:


  3. tha3rdwheel says:

    You sound like the miller high life guy!

  4. lumpfish99 says:

    yummy….but a minutes silence for the chef who died aged 29……

  5. rmbb10 says:

    That is what you call a burger.

  6. malph182 says:

    Just gently work it in to that grooooouuuuuund chuck . . . ha ha ha ha!

  7. joetaff says:

    is the narrator getting sexual pleasures from talking about those burgers….??

  8. BlackPanteraSociety says:

    By Chuck you mean minced meat right?

  9. boulevardboy007 says:

    Yes sir thats a hamberger! Thanks much

  10. lilgogohead says:

    “now lets make them burgers” lololol

  11. PunkThu says:

    love your voice :D

  12. fraginat0r says:

    damn you like your salt huh lol

  13. DuhLie says:

    damn it, i’m sooo hungry now!

  14. gloryfighter1000 says:


  15. kevinzimmer69 says:

    yey…the narraration is hilarious…makes me wanna talk like that next i grill meat

  16. JayEm86 says:

    I dunno what “city bitches” you’re talking about, but in the big cities down south, we eat like this EVERY DAY!

  17. TOPOFFMAN says:

    Great cooking method and fun to watch!

  18. celledge says:


  19. jerin273 says:

    these recipes aren’t for subway ridin, mutual fund holdin, taxi hailin city bitches. this is real ‘MERICAN FOOD. thanks bbqpitboys, you guys are the shit!

  20. BBQPitBoys says:

    hee haw……city slicker!

  21. Bigbangproductions4u says:

    i tried it yesterday taste delicious!

  22. magicgurl7 says:

    O this is sooo great,, i have to learn how to make my own lol gluten free ones lmao,, urs look great TY!!

  23. dfogarty76 says:

    you guys rock. thanks!

  24. BBQPitBoys says:

    the chimney is used as a unit of measure……a given amount of charcoal yields a given amount of heat! Basic. Not so stupid. But that’s why you’re here to learn, now isn’t it? Thanks for stoppin’ by. -BBQ Pit boys

  25. lukedesade says:

    Now THAT’S a hamburger!

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